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Daily Bible Reading Plan

It is widely known in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas that everyone at Family Worship Christian Church reads their chapter. This is the FWCC Bible reading plan where everyone at FWCC reads the same chapter Monday through Friday. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. When we all move in the same direction at the same time explosive things for God happen as the norm, not as the exception.

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Biblical School of Evangelism

Join us on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM for the FWCC Biblical School of Evangelism. With 101 lessons on subjects ranging from basic Christian doctrines to knowing our enemy, from false conversions to proving the deity of Jesus, you will be well-equipped to answer questions as you witness to anyone. This study course will help you to prove the authenticity of the Bible, provide ample evidence for creation, refute the claims of evolution, understand the beliefs of those in cults and other religions, and know how to reach both friends and strangers with the gospel.

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The Word Of Our Testimony

Alexandria Thompson

Alexandria Thompson

The best memory of my journey with God was when I gave Jesus my heart at a children’s concert at Family Worship Christian Center as a 12 year old, the summer before eighth grade. Before this moment I did not know who Jesus or God was; that the Bible existed; or how amazing life could be with God as your lord and savior. I was never introduced to the lifestyle until I met my stepmom and she led my family to go to church, which I thank her for every day of my life because I would not be where I am today without meeting God.

God has helped me go through my parent’s divorce while I was in sixth grade, family issues, living with another mom and sister, bullying, and depression. This was before my dad, stepmom, and sister moved to Henderson for the second time while I started my tenth grade year. It was hard not seeing my family, but I knew they were following God’s plan and were much happier in Nevada. Over time the move did help clear up some family issues and I got closer to my stepmom, who now plays an essential role in my daily life.

It was not until I visited my family the summer before my senior year did I officially make the declaration that I wanted to move to Henderson because I wanted to be closer to God. It was one of the hardest things to tell my biological mom about because I have lived with her since I was in eighth grade. With God’s help though, I powered through and arrived in Nevada a day before my senior year started. That was the second best decision in my life, and ever since then God has brought much self improvement and prosperity into my life. I am overjoyed to say that I have been a youth leader for over a year; I am a licensed christian worker; a student at UNLV; I have a part time job; and continue to grow with God everyday of my life.

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